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Competitive trends of synthetic fiber ropes

 Competitive trend of China's chemical fiber rope:

Although the demand for chemical fiber rope in our country is rapidly increasing, it will not be very big in the next few years, but the market competition will be more intense.
The future market competition is mainly in the following aspects:
1 industry concentration further improved. At present, most of the production capacity of enterprises is relatively not high, in the industry market share is relatively low, but with the expansion of the scale of production of some large enterprises and concentrated production will have greatly improved, chemical fibre rope industrialization gradually concentrated, market competition will be more intense, also part of the smaller equipment backward enterprises will be eliminated.
2 brand advantage is more obvious. Domestic chemical fiber rope production technology, product quality and performance difference is small, in the fierce market competition, the brand will no doubt become the key factor.
At the same time, with the saturation of the domestic market, exports are a huge market for business development opportunities, brand building is the trend.
3 gradual easing of price competition. With the global iron ore, coal, oil and other prices, chemical fibre rope cost of raw materials has greatly improved, and artificial cost, enhance, chemical fiber cable industry is bound to rise in price trend,
but in the fierce market competition, profit margins will still be substantially reduced, the price gap is getting smaller and smaller, price war also will gradually ease.
4 high quality products is the mainstream trend of large scale enterprises. This type of product profit space is large, relatively speaking, the competition is not too intense.
But due to technical and equipment constraints, can only be more powerful enterprises can make a difference.